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Monthly Events:

American Diabetes Alert Month
American Red Cross Month
Cabin Fever Month
Daffodil Flower Month
Deaf History Month
Dolphin Awareness Month 
Ethics Awareness Month 
Family Fun Month
Farm Moving Day
Foot Health Month
Help Someone See Month 
Honor Society Awareness Month 
Humorists are Artists Month 
Great American Meatout Month
Improve Management Skills Month 
International Ideas Month
International Listening Awareness Month 
International Mirth Month
International Hamburger & Pickle Month
International Science Month 
Irish-American Heritage Month
Learn Russian Month
Maple Sugar Month
Mental Retardation Awareness Month
National Athletic Training Month
National Baby Month
National Caffeine Awareness Month<br>
National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
National Collision Awareness Month 
National Colorectal Cancer Month 
National Craft Month
National Ethics Awareness Month
National Eye Donor Month 
National Frozen Food Month
National Furniture Refinishing Month
National Humane Education Awareness
National Kidney Month
National Kite Month
National Middle School Month
National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
National Music In Our Schools Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
National Optimism Month 
National Peanut Month
National Philatelic Society Month (means stamps) 
National Poetry Month
National Rescue Month
National Rosacea Awareness Month 
National Sauce Month
National "Talk to Your Teens About Sex" Month
National Umbrella Month
National Workplace Eye Health Month
National Youth Art Month
Parents Without Partners Founder's Month
Play the Recorder Month 
Preschool Education Month
Sponsored By Preschool Education 
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Red Cross Month
Save Your Vision Month
Small Press Month
Social Worker's Month
Steroid Abuse Prevention Month
Woman History Month
Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month

Weekly Events:

Newspaper Education Week- First week
National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week - First week
National School Breakfast Week - First week
National Agriculture Week - First week
Nation Procrastinators Week - First week
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week - First Week
National Camp Week - First Week
Save your vision week - First Week
Human Resources Week -First Week
Nation Professional Pet Sitters Week -First Week
Detect a leak week (conserve water) -First Week
Bike Week - First Week
National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week -First Week
Return the Borrowed Books Week -First Week
National Foreign Language Week -First Week 
Volunteers of America Week -First Week
Celebrate Your Name Week - First Week
Autograph Collecting Week -First Week
Conserve Water or Detect a Leak Week -First Week
National Pancake Week  -First Week
Girl Scout Week -Second Week
Bubble Gum Week - Second Week
National Older Persons Employment Week - Second Week
Education Advocacy Week - Second Week
Universal Women's Week - Second Week
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week - Second Week
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week - Second Week
Camp Fire Boys and Girls Week - Second Week 
Music in our Schools Week - Second Week
Anonymous Giving Week - Third Week
National Poison Prevention week - Third Week
National Wildlife week - Third Week
American Chocolate week - Third Week
International Goof Off week - Third Week
National Art week -Third Week
Schools Library Media Center Week - Third Week
Straw Hat week - Third Week
Clean your Closet Week - Third Week
National Agriculture Week - Third Week
Jobs for teens week  - Third Week
National Spring Fever Week  - Third Week
National Clutter Awareness Week  - Third Week
National Anonymous Giving Week - Third Week
Go Nuts Over Texas Peanuts Week - Third Week
Jobs for Teens Week  - Third Week
National Cleaning Week - Fourth Week
National Sleep Awareness week - Fourth Week
National Bubble Week- Fourth Week
National Clutter Awareness Week- Fourth Week
National Second-Hand Shopping Week - Fourth Week
National Spring Fever Week - Fourth Week

Daily Events:

1- International Day of the Seals
1- Peace Corp Birthday
1- National Pig Day
1- Share a Smile Day
1- World Book Day
1- Plan a Solo Vacation Day
1- Peanut butter lover's Day
1- St. David's Day (in UK)
1- K-Mart's Birthday (1962)
1- Motion Picture Process Patent Day
1- Go Bowling Day
2- Babysitter Safety Day
2- Dr. Seuss's Birthday (Born in 1904) Cat in the Hat Day
2- National Banana Cream Pie Day
2- Elmer Fudd's Birthday (1937)
2- Porky Pig's Birthday (1937)
2- Silly Putty Birthday
2- Pyramid Day
2- National Sales Person day
2- Read Across America Day
2- King Kong Movie Premiere (1933)

2- Old Stuff Day
2- Time Magazine Birthday (1923)
3- Peach Blossom Day
3- Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday
3- I Want You To Be Happy Day
3- National Anthem Day (Star Spangled Banner adopted by Congress as the national anthem in 1931)
3- Peach Blossom Day
3- 33 Flavors Day
3- I Want You to Be Happy Day
4- AAA Birthday (1902)
4- Cadbury's Chocolates Birthday (1824)
4- Healing From the Inside Out Day
4- National Dance the Waltz Day
4- Namesake Day
4- International Scrapbooking Industry Day
4- Hug A GI Day
4- Stop Bad Service Day
4- First Meeting of Congress NYC 1789
4- National Pound Cake Day
4- March 4 yourself day
5- Dr. Doolittle Day
5- Mother - in - Law Day
5- National Cheese Doodle Day
5- 8 hour day (or labor day in Australia)
6- National Frozen Food Day
6- Read Aloud Day
6- Toronto's Birthday 1834
6- Michalangelo's Birthday
6- National Chocolate Cheese Cake Day
6- Oreo Cookies Day first sold 1912
6- Stop Bad service day
6- Alamo Day
7- Telephone Patented 1876
7- National Be Heard Day
7- World Day of prayer (First Friday in March)
7- Learn What Your Name Means Day
7- Stop Bad Service Day 
7- Monopoly Game Birthday 1933
8- Aunt's Day
8- Day for Women's Rights and International Peace
8- International (Working) Woman's Day
8- Daylight Savings Time Begins
8- Plant a flower Day
9- Genealogy Day
9- Bang Clang Day
9- Panic Day
9- Barbie's Birthday 1959
9- Nametag Day
9- Employee Appreciation Day
9- Girl Scout Sunday
10- First paper money issued 1862 US
10- Middle Name Pride Day
10- Genealogy Day
10- Zoe's Birthday (Sesame Street)
10- First Telephone Message Sent 1876
10- Harriet Tubman's Birthday
10- Salvation Army Founded 1880
10- Commonwealth Day (The Second Monday in March)
10- Mario Day - a day for all persons named Mario.
11- Ezra Jack Keats Birthday (The Snowy Day)
11- Camp Fire Girls Day
11- Johnny Appleseed Day (anniversary of his death)
11- Worship of Tools Day
11- Check Your Batteries Day
11- Frankenstein's Birthday 1818
12- Alfred Hitchcock Day
12- First Library Opened
12- Dennis the Menace's Birthday 1951
12- National Workplace Napping Day
12- National Organize your home office day
13- Ear Muff Day
13- Good Samaritan Day
13- Plant Uranus Discovered
13- Uncle Sam's Birthday (1830)
13- National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
13- National open an umbrella indoors day
14- Casey Jones' Birthday
14- Albert Einstein's Birthday
14- National Children's Craft Day
14- National Preschoolers Day Sponsored By Preschool Education ( Second Friday in March)
14- Celebrate Scientists Day
14- Learn about Butterflies Day
14- Organize Your Home Office Day
14- National Potato Chip Day
14- Save a Spider Day
15- Ides of March
15- Buzzard's Day
15- Companies That Care Day
15- Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
15- True Confessions Day
15- National Pasta Days 15 & 16
16- Everything You Do Is Right Day
16- Freedom of Information Day
16- Lips Appreciation Day
16- National Quilt Day
16- Vitamin C Discovered 1932
17- Submarine Day
17- St. Patrick's Day
17- International Day of the Seal
17- Maple Syrup Day
17- National Quilting Day
17- Boys and Girls Campfire Founding Day
17- Rubber Band Invented 1845
18- Forgive Mom & Dad Day
18- Birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog (Official mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA))
18- Supreme Sacrifice Day
18- Forgive Mom and Dad Day
18- Awkward Moments Day
18- First Walk in Space 1965
19- National Chocolate Caramel Day
19- Poultry Day
19- The Great American Meat Out Day
19- Act Happy Day
19- Let's Laugh Day
20- Big Birds Birthday (Sesame Street)
20- Mister Rogers Birthday 1928
20- Bill Martin's Birthday
20- Teenager's Day
20- National Agriculture Day
20- First Day of Spring
20- National Proposal Day
20- Snowman Burning Day
21- Bird Day
21- National Flower Day
21- Agriculture Day
21- National Single Parents Day 
21- National Teacher Appreciation Day
21- World Down Syndrome Day
21- International Astrology Day
21- Children's Poetry Day
21- National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day Sponsored By Preschool Education (Third Friday in March)
21- National Common Courtesy Day
21- National Teenager Day
21- Memory Day
22- Roller Coaster Day
22- International Goof Off Day
22- Marcel Marceau's Birthday
22- We Love Broccoli Day
22- National Sing Out Day
22- National Badminton Day
22- International Day of the Seal
22- International Goof-Off Day
22- As Young As You Feel Day
23- World Turtle Day
23- Easter Sunday
23- Cable Car Birthday 1858
23- Dixie Cup Birthday 1912
23- National Puppy Day
23- Near Miss Day
23- National Chip and Dip Day
23- Near Miss Day On March 23, 1989, a mountain-sized asteroid passed within 500,000 miles of earth!
24- National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
24- Harry Houdini's Birthday 1874
24- Saint Gabriel Day - the Archangel is the patron saint of postal, telephone and telegraph workers.
24- National Family Day
25- National Waffle Day
25- National Sleep Day
25- First Pancakes made in NYC 1882
25- Pecan Day
26- Robert Frost's Birthday
26- Medic Alert Birthday (The Medic Alert Foundation was found on March 26, 1956)
26- Salk Vaccine Birthday 1953
26- Make up your own Holiday Day
27- Steam Fire Engine Birthday (1841)
27- Corkscrew Birthday (1860)
27- Urinal Birthday (Andrew Rankin invented the urinal and patented it in 1866.)
27- American Diabetes Alert Day
27- National "Joe" Day. Everyone who hates their name can be called Joe this day.
27- Photography Day
28- Eat an Eskimo Pie Day
28- Microfilm Birthday (patented 1922)
28- Respect Your Cat Day
28- No Homework Day - teachers should not give homework on this day. Annually the last Friday in March.
28- Garden Seed Day
28- Greatest Show On Earth Anniversary 
28- Children's Picture Book Day
28- Something on a stick day
29- John Tyler's Birthday (1790, 10th President Of The US.)
29- National Mom and Pop business owners day
29- Vietnam Veterans Day
29- Coca Cola Invented 
29- Love your Children Day
29- Pickle Day
29- America's Subway Day
30- I Am In Control Day
30- Five rings around Uranus Discovered 1977
30- Charlie Brown's Home Run Day (In a 1993 "Peanuts" comic strip, Charlie Brown hit his first home run.)
30- Pencil with Eraser Patented 1858
30- Alaska Purchased 1867 From Russia for 7.2 Million
30- Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday
30- National Hot Dog Day
30- United States Golf Course Day (In 1889, John Reid of Scotland opened the first golf course in America at Yonkers, New York.)
30- Take a Walk in the Park Day
30- National Doctors Day
30- Double-Deck Bridge Day (1909 Queensboro Bridge Opened, NY)
30- Egg Incubator Birthday (patented 1843)
31- National Clams on the Half Shell Day
31- I Think Therefore I Am Day (On the Birthday of Rene Descartes, father of modern philosophy, we honor all great thinkers. Descartes was born on March 31, 1596)
31- National Farm Workers Day
31- National Sleep Apnea Day
31- Coloring Crayola Day
31- Bunsen Burner Day
31- Easter Sunday
31- Orange and Lemons Day
31- Tater Day
31- Eiffel Tower's Anniversary



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